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We hope you like the page, and that you find nourishing articles that will make you happier and healthier. In Marine Benefits we are all Ambassadors of; ‘Business with a Heart’ . It might at first sound a bit strange, but our DNA is built on serving our members and clients in the best possible way - and a little more on top of that. This is what we call the Expect More philosophy, and we do hope we deliver on that throughout the 75 countries we offer our services today - around the clock - 24/7/365.

Health is about numbers and in 2015 we collaborated with the major Ship Owners / Ship Management Companies to track Health & Wellbeing among their crew in a holistic way. The primary reason for the major study, was to see if we can assist in improving the life and wellbeing for the seafarers onboard and at home. Through benchmark numbers, we now know there are several ways of improving the Health & Wellbeing status among the crew. Did you know that there is a 31% higher probability of work-related accidents and injuries when a person is overweight or obese? Read in a different way: A person that is overweight or obese increases the risk for the ship owners and their peers. Getting into shape has to be collaborative effort between the respective seafarers and the employers. When better habits are implemented, everyone will in short time see the positive outcomes.

For members and clients; we trust the new log-in options are improved and simplified. In Q1-2016, you will also be able to perform your own Health check-up on the go. We do hope you will like that, and do this on a monthly basis to track your progress.

In case you are yet not a client; do ask for more information about our products and how we work. We will be at your service, and hopefully demonstrate our business with a heart.

It is as it says: ‘Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.’

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