Welcome to Marine Benefits and thank you for stopping by!

In Marine Benefits we want you always to stay happy, healthy, safe and content. Of course, that is not always the case, and people are often hit by various illnesses when the seasons are changing. Then we are there for you with a global network of hospital and doctors across the world, together with our local partners; to get you back on the winning track. Despite so, staying healthy, happy and content is often done possible through the following simple equation:

It is so simple, yet so complex.

A healthy diet of real food will improve your weight, whilst moving will improve your wellbeing.

Often, we look upon these two as the key elements for health and wellbeing, but did you know that obesity is ‘only’ increasing the risk of dying earlier by 20%, whilst poor relationships increases it by 70%? So; keep on smiling to the world, and it will smile back to you. That is why we in Marine Benefits keep on smiling and pursuing our mission of doing ‘business with a heart’.

On 25th of May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is put into force. In Marine Benefits we welcome this, as it will increase the safety for you as an individual. A major change from previous laws, is that you must give your active consent for corporations to store and process your data. YOUR DATA has always been safe with us, and it will always be safe with us, but we do need your consent to be able to treat you when illness strike.

I personally also invite you here to give you consent, by pressing this link: DATA PRIVACY DECLARATION

Do remember that you have the right to ‘deactivate’ your consent, and that you have the rights to see all data that is stored about you. Finally, if you opt to; you can be forgotten.

Thank you for your trust that we can store and process your data, so that we can treat you for bigger or smaller unfortunate events that might occur. We appreciate that, and that is why we keep on smiling.

Keep well always.